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About Harvest Track

God is doing incredible work through the body of World Harvest. Lives are being transformed and hope is being restored even in the darkest places. Being a World Harvest Member is not a box to check or status to obtain but a commitment to follow Jesus in this mission together at World Harvest. It's being apart of a community ready to go all in to take a real Jesus to a real world.

Attend the next Harvest Track Class to hear our vision and values, ask questions and process being the church with us at World Harvest.

Membership Process

1. Attend Harvest Track Class
2. Share Your Story
3. Sign the Membership Covenant
4. Join a Harvest Group
5. Serve with us (or any approved local partner)

How to Become a World Harvest Member

Interested in joining us on our mission as a World Harvest member? Click the button below to sign up for our next class.

Want to invest in the mission and vision of World Harvest?

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