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It never ceases to amaze me how Christians are so quick to jump on the CANCELLED band wagon! There has been so many conversations in our churches over the last few years of how people can't stand the Cancel Culture, but crazy how so many talk about how bad the Cancel Culture is, but then turn around and do that very thing themselves!

Over the past few weeks, I have seen this happen several times, and then just yesterday, news came out that a prominent Worship Leader, who flows in an incredible anointing, was seen at a dinner party with whom many Christians would identify as sinners. Was he simply having 'dinner with sinners' as we see Jesus do on several occasions, or was he involved in a sinful lifestyle? The truth of the matter is, we don't really know. I was shocked to hear so many jumping on the band wagon of Cancelling him, without knowing the details!

It's interesting to me to look at how the Pharisees did Jesus the same way. I'm sure if Jesus was walking the earth today, He would be Cancelled by many who claim to walk with Him. It is very evident that the same spirit that drove the Pharisees to be Jesus' worst critic is still very much alive and prevalent today. It so saddens my heart to see good people get carried away with a Pharisaical spirit, feeling like they have to judge someone when they don't even know all the facts. Seems many are still partaking of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil - where they now become the judge of Right & Wrong, not God.

We were never called to judge one another. Our duty to our fellow man is to Love. This doesn't not mean that we turn a blind eye to sin or fault, but we must all realize that we are all a work in progress and not one of us walk in 100% of being like Jesus on this side of Heaven. In fact, as long as we are on this side, we all have work to do to become more like him.

I think a deeper question we have to ask ourself is, "What is my response when I see or hear of something that violates a value that I stand for?"

The Kingdom of God operates by Authority. If the person is under your authority, then you should take a moment and find out what is going on. Many times, we perceive something happening, but we only see a part of it, and what we think may not be the full truth. If the person is in your circle of Influence, then Jesus tells us in Matthew 18, to go to that person and have a conversation. If the person is someone out of your circle of influence, then our duty is to Pray for them and to show Love.

Over my years as a Pastor, I've seen many get upset over someone in the church who they feel is violating a Biblical value, especially in regards to people in leadership. In a church situation, if you see or hear of a leader saying or doing something that violates your values, talk to the leadership team. If it is legitimate, trust the leadership to take care of it. Don't jump ship at the first sign of something! CANCEL Culture says I don't want nothing to do with you, without having a chance for explanation, repentance & restoration. Don't fall into that trap!

I love Jesus' response to the Woman caught in adultery. First he tells her accusers. "He who

has no sin cast the fist stone." Then he turns to the woman who was legitimately guilty and told her, "Go your way and sin no more." What an incredible act of Love and model for us to follow when it comes to people who have done something wrong.

Here is my final thought for you: Don't fall into the Cancel Culture trap! Let the world around you see Jesus!

"Jesus said, “Forsake the habit of criticizing and judging others, and then you will not be criticized and judged in return. Don’t look at others and pronounce them guilty, and you will not experience guilty accusations yourself. Forgive over and over and you will be forgiven over and over."

Luke 6:37 (The Passion Translation)

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