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About Our Worship Ministry

Scripture is clear that worship is much, much bigger than music. We believe worship starts with the individual. It is essential that we are all individually worshiping God every day, whether it be through reading and meditating on Scripture, serving the needy, proclaiming Christ’s love to a coworker, loving on our kids, etc. There is something powerful about a group of vastly different and unique people coming together to proclaim the same truths about God and to understand how to love Him more. We don’t take this lightly at World Harvest. We want to provide an atmosphere that is both spiritually stimulating and challenging for those that may be further along in their faith journey as well as one that is accepting and comfortable for the unchurched.

Ways to Serve with Our Worship Ministry


We require an audition for anyone who leads with us on stage. We’re looking for talented vocalists and leaders who can lead others well. Minimum experience is required. Audition required. 


Do you play an instrument? Serve with our band! We require an audition for all musicians who play with us during Sunday services. Skilled musicians are needed to fill positions for drummer, electric guitar, bass, keys, violin, cello, acoustic guitar, choir. Experience required. Audition required. 

How to Become a Volunteer

Membership Class

Serve Monthly



All volunteers must meet the following requirements:

  • Have attended Harvest Track Membership Class

  • Be committed to a Harvest Group within the first 6 months of their service with a ministry area


STEP 2: COMPLETE serve form

Once you become a member with World Harvest, fill out this Serve Form to start the process to serve.

Want to invest in the mission of World Harvest?

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